21 July 2005

First Things First....

Have you ever read something on-line that just so totally surprised you that you choked on your beer? I am now dying of cuiousity BTW.

Now, on to my issues.....
The rent check bounced. Mainly b/c money got spent that didn't get mentioned to the person who keeps track of the money. Ahem. Making it hard to keep track of said money.
The management then charged us $50-for bouncing a check and being late.
Which made me want to laugh. We had issues making rent, so you're charging more? Ooookay.
But whatever, so this check was really tight.
I haven't been able to find a job, b/c I don't speak Spanish. (My thought is, this is America, perhaps they should learn English? I'd learn Spanish if I planned on moving to Mexico....) So I was about to break down and apply for a fast food job.
Chris doesn't want to stick Victoria with a stranger and some germy kids for 40+ a week. So he went out and got a second job.
The conversation went like this.
Me: "I'm going to go to fast food places on base and apply. No one else is hiring."
Chris: "No. You don't want that and I don't want that."
Me: "No, I don't, but I do like to eat....and electricity. And hot showers. These things are important to me."
Chris: "Corporal XXXXX hooked me up with a security gaurd job. I'll make more than you could, and we won't have to pay for daycare. Besides the baby is too little to deal with someone else's brats."

So he's working security. I guess that makes me a stay-at-home mom? Hey, before you mock me, just stop and think. I live in a warm climate, in a nice apt, with a fridge that's (usually) full of food, cable, the internet and a cell phone with unlimited long distance.
And I'm permantly on vacation.
Just think about that before you laugh:-P

No, this is good though. I'm going to start taking some classes, work on my degree. Plus we're going to pay off the credit cards(there's only $400 on them) and then pay down the balance on the vehicle loan.

I'm also making a list of things that I want. We actually had an argument yesterday, b/c I don't ask for enough things that I want. And I don't bitch at him hard enough when he spends money on the car.

Yes, I gave him that same "Are you kidding me???" look that you now have on your face. I don't understand him, but ok, I'll ask for more things. Have no fear! lol
But really, I miss having the things I need to ACTUALLY cook things. I haven't really had them since I left home. lol
So that's where I'm going to start.
I'm going to go to bed now, get some sleep while the short one is down for the count.

- your only -

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