24 July 2005

My husband hates snakes

This is a well-known fact. He hates them, he is *terrified* of them. (but if someone shoved a rattle-snake down my shirt as a child, I would probably stay away from them, too)
I do not hate snakes. I like them. I always wanted one, but was not allowed to have one growing up.
Chris brought home a snake.
His co-worker had to get rid of it, b/c his wife flipped out on him for having it. So he was asking around work if someone wanted this red-tailed boa(very pretty btw...will post pics in a few days) and Chris, who hates snakes, came home and asked if I would like a snake.
I said only if it wouldn't bother him.
So I now have a very cool looking snake. It's only about 18" right now, but within the first two years it should reach 6'
There are rules to the snake though. It stays in it's home unless I have it. When it's out, it never leaves my hand. When it's not out the cage is locked. And I have sole responsibility for cleaning the cage, feeding the snake, and any other snake duties.

After watching me handle it, and watching Bill handle it, he did hold the snake though. But he was throughly(sp?) freaked out when we fed it. That bastard just attacked the mouse so fast, if you blinked you missed it.

So, in a day or so when the snake is done digesting the mouse I'll take a picture for you.

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