25 July 2005

You feel like a stalker.....

b/c you are one, you fucking sicko.

Sorry, couldn't help it.
"I tracked down my old boyfriends new number and where he's stationed on my husband's MOL account [eta: something only the marine himself is supposed to be able to access, among other things it enables you to find any marine] and I called him and hung up when he answered!" ~giggle~ "I feel like such a stalker!"
Seriously, any time after high school, that moves from being annoying into being disturbed.
Not to mention you used your husband's account to do that, I know that it makes me a big freakin' weirdo, but if you're going to go to the extent of getting married to a guy, maybe you shouldn't be tracking down old boyfriends?
But what do I know. Unlike you, a "mature" woman, I got married young, and therefor I know nothing.

*ahem* my apoligies to everyone else for snapping. The normal babbling will return soon. Thank you.

- your only -

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