02 August 2005

My BIL is a pig

Alright, it's a really long story, but dh's best friend is recently his step-(sorta)brother, which makes him my brother in law.
BIL has had the same girlfriend for...forever or close to it. BIL has *never* been monagomous. Ever. And I don't know if G.F. knew this or not.
I don't know her very well, so I stayed out of it. I do like her though, she's a fun person.
BIL is a marine now. He met someone while at school. From a very conservative family. From what he says she's an incredible girl. Different from the skanks he usually messes with. This is the first girl that he's considered breaking up with GF over.
Except that he's still dating other girls besides the girl he met in Florida AND GF back home.
At one point, between basic and schooling, he and GF talked about getting married. He did decide against it at this time, thank god on her behalf.
But GF apparently thinks something is up, that something is wrong(which there is) and she is absouletely heartbroken.
She cried at my MIL's bar/restaurant for a freaking half an hour. MIL called dh to tell BIL that he needs to get his shit straightened out. Dh called BIL to tell him, your girlfriend is sobbing. You need to either break up or fix things. BIL calls dh back 10 minutes later. "I just talked to her. She sounds fine to me."
Dh-->"She is not fine. She cried for half an hour. In public. That is not fine"

(and when DH picks up on something being wrong...it's very wrong)
Anyway, my blood is boiling. I so want to smack BIL for being a sleazy dog to this girl, whether she's "right" for him or not, that is a totally shitty thing to do to her. If I knew the poor girl better, and it wouldn't incurr the wrath of dh(these are more "his friends" than mine) I would so tell her he's a disgusting pig and she oughta dump his worthless ass and find someone better.


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