30 September 2005

Today's "Group of People who Irritate Me"

Parents who can't say no.

"Why is little Keenan acting this way? Why doesn't he respect me?"

I know you don't want to risk traumatizing Jr. by telling him he can't have something,with something, or that he's not allowed to stick that fork in the toaster. After all, don't want to stiffle that curious nature.
But maybe that has something to do with why your kid is the WORST BEHAVED turd on the face of the planet. Maybe.
Your kid knows that it doesn't matter if you said something was off-limits. He's just going to get a polite, non-threatening "discussion" about it when he breaks into the bedroom, jimmies the drawer open, takes your purse and spends the money on third-rate pornos.
And oddly enough, he doesn't care....

- your only -

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