06 October 2005


Dh finally went to medical the other day. His back has been in screaming pain daily now, for quite awhile. But he didn't want to go in(??)
So the corpsman sent him to the Dr., who sent him to the x-ray tech. Who said, as dh laid on the table, before the x-ray was even taken, "You have scoliosis(sp?), don't you?"
Gre-at. It's gotten so bad that the flippin' x-ray tech can diagnose him now!
So he went back to the Dr. Was given Naproxen and a muscle relaxer, as well as a light duty chit(a piece of paper stating that the Dr. recommends that dh not be forced to stand for long periods of time, not be forced into excercising(also known as PTing for future reference) and not be forced to do anything strenous), hopefully his command will follow it.
If they don't, and his back gets worse, there will be hell to pay.
Also given an appt with a chiropracter, and the dr said we'll take it from there.
Here's hoping!


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