09 October 2005


Googled the "needs" phrases (ie, "Jennie needs"; "Chris needs", etc)

Ahem, let the story begin.
Chris needs your sex talk. Chris needs to compare quotes from stand-alone, independent providers.
Jennie needs eyes and ears on the ground. Jennie needs time to process instructions, so give her time to respond.
Chris needs to check that everything is going well.
Jennie needs to get it. Jennie needs this by Nov 12. Chris needs to help out.
Jennie needs to tell him the news. Chris needs to understand what we are selling. Chris needs to be able to advance his skills.
Jennie needs to study her lessons. Jennie needs after school and summertime recreational activities.
"If Jennie needs help, I can go up at the drop of a hat," he says
CHRIS needs to be researched.
Two areas that I think Chris needs to improve on are his footwork and tenacity

Okay, 0kay, I'll stop now!!


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