11 November 2005

Guests and overdue updates

BIL and his gf are staying the weekend. Which is fine, I don't mind. Hotel rooms are $$, and I understand not wanting to spend the cash on something like that when you could use it for something else.
It was a little frustrating trying to keep things quiet this morning, since they decided to sleep in until 1pm. I did the best I could, but dd is a 7am baby, kwim?
Melissa seems nice, very quiet and reserved....maybe she'll be good for BIL. He's sometimes a bit of a manwhore, lol.

I met a lady today, down in the laundry room, who has 5 kids. I have nothing against big families. If that's what you want more power to you, but the landlady had told us that all the apts in the complex are the same layout? IE 2bdrm, 1 bath apts.....how the hell do you fit 6-7(I don't know if there is an adult male or not) ppl in a 2bdrm apt? Is that even legal?
She seemed like a really nice lady though, albeit a little frazzled. But who wouldn't be w/that many kids? EEK

dd has hives, can't figure out why. They come and go, we're thinking maybe the carpet? And we thought it was a good thing we got brand new carpeting(along w/all new appliances)

I'm excited about the upcoming holiday. Last T-Day, we really didn't do much. We're not going to be able to be home again this year, but we decided to invite some other, single, Marines over for the holidays. These guys won't get to go home either.
A small part of me is glad that we get to put off the "Whose family are we spending this holiday with?" discussion/argument for yet another yr.
That should be a fun one :rolleyes:

Um, other than the usual fights, and the usual making up;) there's not a hell of a lot going on.
Anyway, there you go, see you next month maybe:P

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