08 November 2005

I just threw up a little.


It just bugs the hell out of me when people take their anger out on the innocent party.
That kid sure as hell didn't ask to be born. Not to those particular ppl anyway.
And imagine, having to take responsibility for your actions, what a novel concept.
I am be no means saying anyone should force the deadbeat to spend any time w/the kid. God no, she'd be better off w/out it. Although I can't say I blame the mother/grandparents for trying to hold onto the delusion that the father would actually want something to do w/his child.
But, god, seriously, what do you pay in CS? $70 a month? OMFG, how do you stand it! You poor thing, the money is just pouring out of your poor little wallet isn't it?
That's not even a fraction of what it costs to raise a kid.


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