20 November 2005

I'm irritated w/ my MIL, and it's the Marine Corps fault!

Dh is temporarily a military police officer(he has the training, it's just not his *main* job, kwim?) b/c they were so shorthanded.
It was only supposed to be 15 days. They are now saying it's going to be Feb.
We were going to go home in Jan.
They aren't going to grant him leave to go home, b/c they were already short handed, which makes sense. It sucks, but it makes sense
And once he gets sent back to the brig, they're telling him he's going to cpl school (a month long course where he learns to do all the tricks w/the shiny swords and everything he needs to know to be a non-commisioned officer or NCO for future reference, did I mention he was promoted?)right away, which means another month where he can't go home.

dh hasn't been home since Aug 04. Our wedding. And that wasn't even a full week.
MIL has been out here twice since then, so it's not like she hasn't seen her darling son at all.
And yet, every conversation is, "When are you coming home? Are you coming home for the holidays? When do I get to see you?(not "your family" just "you") blahblahblah..."
Dh wants to go home, he really does. He has other family/friends he hasn't seen since our wedding and god knows he doesn't like cali.
But there's nothing he can do about it. He's at the mercy of his command and they are a bunch of fuckwads
MIL was in the army. She was married to the army, too. Twice. Point is, she's been around the military.
You would think she'd understand how things work(or don't work, as the case may be)
Yet every freaking convorsation she has w/dh for the last couple of months, she's made him feel guilty for not coming home. Like he's purposefully ignoring her requests/demands to come home and visit.
I want to take the phone and tell her to shut up already, we'll be home when we're home for chrissakes. And her bitching isn't going to change that. Stupid stupid MIL.
She can be so damned obnoxious and pushy.
Not always. I've heard many many worse stories about MIL's. She's just irritating the hell out of me right now.
So is the Marine Corps w/their yanking us aournd like that and always changing their minds but you expect that from them.
She, out of all our family members, ought to know better.


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