12 November 2005

Yay for date night

BIL and his gf are up for this weekend, dh was supposed to be working all three days(Fri, Sat, and Sun) but for some reason, they called this afternoon and told him that he could have the day off.
Whose going to argue w/that?
So they all want to go out and do something, which is cool, dh and I last went out sans baby in, um, August?
lol, she's just such a good baby,and we don't do a whole lot of exclusively adult things,(partly b/c the one under-21 place we found outside of San Diego was a country club, do those even go together?) so we take her almost everywhere w/us.

Felt kind of bad asking a friend to watch dd, b/c it was so short notice. But she graciously agreed, and dd was in a very good mood when we got there to pick her up. (went right to sleep when we came home too, another yay)

But we went to this very nice steakhouse in town, one we've been meaning to go to for a while. Very good food. The shrimp and scallop dish, I don't knwo what was in the sauce, but ohhhhh.....next time, dh is just going to have to get his own, 'cause I'm not sharing!
Got to get all dressed up and princess-y

Anyway, yay for date night.

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