02 December 2005

Bah Humbug

Dh is really starting to irritate me. We don't have an abundance of money at the moment. We will in two weeks, on payday(ok, abundance might be a tad strong...) but not right now.
Logically, we would go shopping, oh I don't know, when we have extra money in the bank account? Good lawd who'd have thought!
And now he's talking about how he wants a dirtbike. I have no problem with his getting a dirtbike. Later. After we get the credit cards paid off. Like we talked about.
He now wants to use the tax money. Um, no. We already decided how to use the tax money.

1)A visit home
2)To paint the Cougar before it starts to rust(primer sucks up water, not good)
3)The rest will be put towards the credit card debt.

We don't have a large amount of debt and if he would just control his spending for 3-4mos(if even that long) we could get it all paid off.
Whatever. If he buys a dirtbike with the tax money, fine. I hope he really likes it, since that is what he will be cuddling up to nightly.


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