15 December 2005

Early Christmas Present

Ok, dh bought a truck the day after his birthday, and sold his "project car" to buy a dirtbike last week.
So I jokingly told him I expected diamonds for Christmas. I WAS KIDDING!!
Yep, he picks me up from work last night and dd has two little boxes in her lap.
He had told me he was going shopping, was there anything I needed? I asked for him to pick up some nickel-free earings.
He came back with 1/4 carat diamond earings and this very pretty gold heart necklace, looks like two heart outlines, one inside the other, with little diamond accents.
I was just sooo surprised. We weren't even going to get each other gifts this year, just stockings.
And he was all, "I really wanted to get you the next size up for the earings, but I just didn't have it and I didn't want to charge it" Which is so cool, b/c he has a small spending problem. Although he did say he saw something for my birthday.....lol

I'm just so excited.

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