06 December 2005

There are some ppl...

...who should just not be let into the vicinity of small children. Ever.

Anyways, not much is going on here, getting ready for the holidays. Sold Chris' project car(yes, he knew about it), he's off buying a dirtbike at the moment. Trying to anyway. Sort of a Christmas present.
Damn, I want presents like that. A truck for his bday, a dirtbike for Christmas.... Where's my diamond tiara, I ask you? lmao
We're getting a hotel room, an overnight babysitter and a night in SD for my bday though. That'll be something to remember. Assuming I *can* remember it;) I'm psyched. Around here, I can't even get into most of the bars. Not as bad as Washington though, apparently up there, I'm not even allowed in places that serve alcohol. WTF? Maybe we just ran into a particularly strict establishment.


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