10 December 2005

:woot: for jobs

Got a job. Not a great one. Waitressing. But they're working with my hours, and apparently in Ca. waitresses make minimum wage AND tips. Which is cool.

Dh is out riding his dirtbike, had an argument about that. I don't care that he has a dirtbike, I don't care if he wants to ride it, I *do* care that he told me he'd wait until he bought a helmet, but instead decided to be incredibly stupid and go out there anyway. But it's ok, he's not *really* riding it, he's just putting around on it.


Look, when you were single and wanted to be a dumbass, fine.
When it was just me and you and you wanted to be a dumbass, fine.
But you have a kid now, if something happens to you on that track that, by your own words, "...is dangerous b/c of all the gravel and the fact that it's in the middle of BFE..." she is going to be affected for the rest of her life.


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