07 January 2006


I didn't realize this template came w/fecking music in it.
Will take that off. Eventually.

I'm actually getting my paycheck today. I've only been working for four fecking weeks.
I didn't get one the first week, b/c I'd only been there for 4-5days. Ok, fairly normal. Payday comes last Friday. "Oh your check isn't here, it'll be here tomorrow."
Wasn't there.
"Oh, it'll be here Tuesday."
Wasn't there.
"Oh it'll be here Friday."
Wasn't there.
Sooo, I called this morning. I'm "Is my check there?"
"What check?"
"The one that was supposed to be there yesterday. And Tuesday, and last Friday."
"You never got your check??"
Yeah, I got it, I'm just trying to get a second one out of you, you stupid, stupid man.
So anyway, he tracked it down, it's in San Marcos, along w/Anna's. He sent someone to go get them, and they should be there tonight.
So I'll pick it up when I go to work. If it's actually there.


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