28 March 2006

According to Cinchouse.com

I'm a recruiter for MAPs.

Paranoid much?
And "recruiter"? WTF? Are we at war? Silly me, I thought this was the internet. I thought there was space enough for two fucking boards to exist at the same damn time.

I posted a message asking what support sites ppl on Cinc go to...b/c I'm always looking for new sites to visit. No links were exchanged.

When someone directly asked me for a link, I posted that I would not share that over the main board, so as not to violate the TOS(which seem to have made-up rules magically inserted on a daily basis)

You would think that would make recruiting a tad bit difficult, wouldn't you?

Sooo....since I am apparently a recruiter extrodanier! here's the linky: http://p078.ezboard.com/bstinkhousesucks


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