14 March 2006

New furniture

We had a friend in some serious financial trouble, he had to move out of his apt, and had no place to store his furniture. We agreed to let him keep it here, and in return he let us use it(our apt was too small to hold two bedroom sets) He was supposed to give us a month notice when he wanted it back, so we could get another set. He gave us two weeks. Ass.
Fine, whatever, so we went out and bought new furniture. Good stuff, too. Not laminated particle board. (not that there is anything wrong w/that, it's just we wanted something that'll last us more than a couple yrs, kwim?) I'm such a dork, I'm so excited. It's just that it's the first new furniture we've bought that didn't come from Wal-Mart or Target, lol. :)

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