12 April 2006

My daughter wants to be just like daddy

Ok. Kids get into things. Kids eat things that are not supposed to be eaten, right? But is my daughter choosing to eat bugs or sand like other kids? Nope (well, ok, yes, but not last night)
dh has taken up chewing tobacco(ewww, vomit) instead of smoking. It's nasty and gross, but he points out that at least it's not giving off second-hand effects. Whatever. Grody. Anyway, he fell asleep on the couch, w/his "spit cup" on the floor beside him.
You see where this is going, no?
It's time to make dd's bottle before bed. I set her down on the floor, pull the bottle out of the cupboard(she's still in front of me), get the formula out(still there), put the formula in the bottle. Okay, she's not there, so I go to get her and haul her back to where I can see her.
She's by the cup. The cup is knocked over, and the kid has stuff in her mouth. I flip out. B/c chew? Is NOT supposed to be eaten, will make a grown man sick and all. So I'm fishing things out of her mouth, she's terrified, b/c I don't freak out too often. Chris is up now, and he's freaking out....so she starts bawling....
It looked like most of it was on her clothes, and the carpet. Luckily she didn't get enough to even get sick off of it.
But yeah, my daughter tried to take up chewing.

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