04 April 2006

My Week From Hell

You'll forgive me for not updating you sooner, but I needed some recovery time.
Monday morning, the day Chris is supposed to be shooting his quals for the big match, he gets up to leave at 0430. The door locks behind him.
Five minutes later the phone rings. The car windows have been smashed, and I need to call the cops. So I do. By the time they get there, it's too late for Chris to go shoot. He was completely disqualified.
So we run around scraping up money to get the car windows replaced(three of them). Get it to the place, and they promise to have it done by the next day.
Tuesday, we go to pick it up. As I am driving it home, following behind the truck that is less than a year old, the brakes go soft on me. That's right, I'm behind our brand-fucking-new truck, with no insurance, and no brakes. Lovely.
Pull over, and convince Chris I am not crazy or imagining things. Drive car rest of the way home (the brakes worked if you pumped 'em), miracously avoiding accidents.
Wednsday and Thursday were ok. Dull, but at that point, dull was good.
Friday, we noticed what we thought was an infestation of mold in the bathroom wall, around the window. Told the manager, and she promised to send someone up.
Today, Tuesday, maintence comes to look at it. As he takes his knife and cuts into the framing, so as to see what is behind it, bugs start pouring out. Yes, I said pouring. Apparently, we have either carpenter ants or termites in the wall. (Our maintence man speaks little English...all I know is that it was some kind of wood-eating bug)
Soooo, he sprayed some nasty stuff in there, we left the apartment for the rest of the day...and tomorrow he's supposed to come back and do...something.

So, let me re-cap for you:
Monday-Punk smashes windows on car
Tuesday-Lose brakes on way home
Friday-spot bubbly walls
Tuesday-streams of bugs

Can I quit yet?

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