24 April 2006

That didn't take long....

So some of you all didn't even let me finish typing my post about *why* that little jar is sitting in the sidebar before you started e-mailing me(seriously? What do you have against the comment box? I know there's more than 2 or 3 of you, b/c of the hits,(Either that or one of you is stalking me) but I only hear from the ones w/my email addy... ).
Anyway, no need to fear, I have not actually decided to become a cyber-prostitute. You are all welcome to share in my hyped-up drama for free.
See, I was going to write out this whole funny (I hope) post about how I was going to start turning tricks and selling plasma, due to my dh's latest financial move. He sold something to someone, and b/c this is a close someone, didn't get the money up front. But dh went and bought something w/the money earmarked for the insurance payment...yes, you guessed it, PartBuyer hasn't paid yet. So we are having to pull(lots of) money out of our backsides, oh joy, b/c of a lack of thought process.
But since you guys had to be all impatient like, you don't get to read about it. Harumh.

***Please note that I did not actually expect any money to go into the tip jar, and it was intended as more of a joke.***

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