04 April 2006

What were you afraid of?

I called in to get my schedule on Wednsday. I was told "You work Thursday and Monday."
I ased repeatedly if he was sure that those were the hours I was scheduled.(Seriously? Only two days? I really hope I get this other job I'm vying for!) He assured me that they were correct.
So I go skipping into work last night...maybe not, who skips into work?..and find out that I'm not on the schedule for Monday.
Apparently, it was supposed to be Thursday and Friday. Did I get a call on Friday, when I didn't show up? Nope. Even though it was the first time I had missed work w/out being deathly ill and giving advance warning? Nada. My manager didn't bother.
"Well, I figured you quit and you would be mad at me if I called and bothered you."
WTF? What the hell was I going to do to over the phone, if I had quit? Tell you I had quit? What a pansy!
What were you afraid was going to happen, Sol dear? What?

- your only -

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