10 May 2006

Cleaned up Sidebar

Thanks to Bitter Bitch over at I Talk Too Much, the sidebar looks much better. Of course, I feel like an idiot for not googling "drop down menu" instead of whatever lame ass search phrase I did put in.
I submitted my site for a smack-down over at it2m...I'm on pins and needles.
I know there's shit I could be doing w/my template. And I'm half-expecting to be told I put whatever lovely bitch is reviewing me to sleep.
Meh, whatever happens...happens.

BTW, just a PSA, the M-day is coming up. Have you bought a card yet? You don't want to be like dh and I were last year....sending E-cards at 1am on Sunday.
I'm headed out now to buy some *real* cards(I'm slowly working my way up to flowers) right now.

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