01 May 2006

He's still a rat-bastard

He did call, and the boys did meet up. And then RB proceeded to pay about half of what he owes.
AND he twisted dh's arm into helping move furniture into his new place. So on the one day this week that we both have off...we couldn't actually do anything.
But whatever....dh made breakfast for us the next day. lol, felt a little guilty he did. ;)
The idiots I work with/for are driving me nuts.
It was very slow last night, dead even. But did they send anyone home? Well, they tried. "First in, first out" standard policy when cutting staff(at most places), so C asks K if she wants to leave. "I can't leave early, I need the money."
So does everyone else. But by having so many people here, NO ONE is making money.
So C turns to me and says, "You can go home."
"I need the money, too. And it's supposed to be first in, first out. K was here 2hrs before me."
I did end up going early, but not until I had at least made enough to fill the gas tank.(btw, I had to go back in and pay for more...b/c $20 only filled it up about half-way...in the SATURN ffs!)
$3.25 for gas is ridiculous. And no, I don't care what they pay in Europe.
Even if the price of crude has risen dramatically, the price at the pumps shouldn't have increased that fast. It takes time to refine the crude, and that stuff in the underground tank? Didn't suddenly cost them more.

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