18 May 2006

idiot with a new car


My comments are apparently moderated. I feel like a total idiot. Especially in light of my minor "Why do you all email instead of comment?" thing.
Well, duh, b/c I read my email.
So, erm, sorry.

With a new car:

We got rid of the truck. It's less than a year old and we have taken it in to the dealer on at least three occasions. Not a big deal, because it was under warranty, but it was making us a little nervous.
We need at least one vehicle we can count on to be running on a regular basis.
So we went and traded it in.
I didn't think that we would be able to get low enough payments or a high enough trade-in....but somehow we did.
We now own a 2006 Mustang.
I was really nervous, because we used our savings to put a down payment on it. But our bank seems to think we can afford it, too. And they were the ones who turned dh down for the truck(hmm, maybe they knew something we didn't?)

But that's what I've been up to. Running around making things happen, and such.

PS I will be working on resizing the big arse picture at the top there...if you have any ideas....;)

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