19 May 2006

My husband, the marriage counselor??

Ergh. My husband the marriage counselor?
I don't think you're quite qualified, honey. I love you and all, but....I think maybe you don't need to be giving advice to Rat Bastard on love and life.
Yes, I know you think his marriage was a bad idea from the beginning. And I know you don't care if it lasts four days or fourty years. That's kind of my point.
Because obviously R.B. cares, or he wouldn't be getting so upset over his New Wife saying she doesn't know why she married him.
Yes, I agree that's a shitty thing to say, BUT perhaps you're not getting the whole story? Perhaps it was something said out of anger, in the midst of a fight? Or b/c this is the first time she's left her family and home? And she's in a marriage that she rushed into? And she's just a wee bit terrified of being without a job completely dependent on a man, that for all intents and purposes she doesn't know very well?
Or maybe she just found out about some of R.B's "indiscretions"?
RB and NW's marriage is none of our damned business.
Plus? I'm a little peeved that you're foregoing the one night we *both* have off tonight in order to go hold the hand of the "friend" who only calls you when he needs something.
Just saying.....

- your only -

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