29 May 2006

So, I've been tagged by Mickey. (I'm looking forward to our afterlife get together, dearest. It's going to be a kickass bunch.)

Now, to come up w/six odd things. It's not the odd things that's the problem, it's the "odd things I don't mind sharing" that I'm stumbling over. But I'll give it a shot.
6 Odd Things About PsychoBabble

(in no particular order)

#1 I have a terrible fear of frogs and toads. I've had snakes, played w/reptiles of many kinds, owned rabbits, cats and dogs. Played w/guinea pigs(although I know of one that freaking HATED me), hedgehogs and mice....but frogs scare the shit out of me. I mean, you're just minding your own business, walking along and BOING! the bloody thing leaps at you out of nowhere. No. Thank. You.

#2 Every week, the Disney channel will play one of their movies(Mulan, Hercules, Lady and the Tramp) I make a point to curl up and watch whatever that week's movie is. Unless it's something like Bambi 2....the sequels don't cut it for me.

#3 I have a certain order I visit websites in. It's almost ritualistic and must not be screwed with.

#4 Every time I park my car in the visitor's lot, next to the cemetery, I get the urge to wander in it. It's one of those super-old ones. But I fear that it would be disrespectful, so I don't.

#5 I still sometimes write really bad poetry.

#6 I hear the stories from dh's friends about what their wives won't "let" them do, and I have to fight to keep from labeling (in my head) the wife a bitch and the husband a pussy.

So there you go, 6 things about me. Now for the tags.
Combat Lipstick, Long, Slow, Beautiful Dance, little.red.boat, Freud's Nuthouse, Tired Tunia, Eccentric Father, and as a bonus, assuming all is right in her world and she comes back from her hiatus, the girlpawn.

Rules are: 6 odd things about you...than tag six other bloggers. Ready, set, blog!

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