02 May 2006

Yesterday's Drama

This is long. And it's filled w/TMI. You've been warned.

I started BCP a couple months ago. My period was really heavy last time, but this time it's been about a week already and instead of tapering off, it's gotten worse. 2 super duty heavy extra absorbent tampons per hour. And then clots. Which freaked me out enough to call the nurse hotline, where they told me that I need to get to the doctor. Which didn't help the "OMG, my uterus is committing suicide!" freakout.
I know I was contemplating no more kids, but good lawd it didn't need to take matters into it's own hands!!
So now I'm going to call dh, b/c although he can't leave work to come get me and drive me there and all that, maybe he can unfreak me out. Although, he'll probably just be all ooked out by the whole thing that he won't be any help at all.

Written later--
Called dh, and he hadn't taken his lunch break yet, so he's on his way home to come and give me/us a ride to the hospital.
(After Fact: Chris took me in, and dd went to work w/him! They weren't doing anything, and I guess that's fairly normal for at least one of the guys to have thier kid there. She behaved herself, and charmed all the boys)

Written this morning--
Got home late, and just wanted to curl up w/dh last night. Still a tad freaked out.
Sorry for the spelling, blood freaks me out. And w/reproduction being such a hot topic/argument in our home right now, I was all, "Oh shite, I angered the fertility gawds!" lol
I waited for hours, (per usual), and they took blood. The first dr. flounces into the room, slaps my file down on the table, crosses her arms and proceeds to tell me that I'm not animec(sp?)I'm not pregnant and never was, I'm not this, I'm not that....
And the whole time she's glaring at me like I did something wrong. So I was feeling pretty stupid.
Then she had to interrogate me about rape. Was I raped? Did my husband rape me? Has he ever forced sex on me? Am I sure? Do I like rough sex?
Still glaring at me, mind you.
So I have her name and I'm seriously considering reporting her.
I asked that someone else do the physical exam. He said it was hard to tell, but

Insert TMI warning here

I may have somehow injured my cervix. Which led to another, "Did your husband rape you?" questioning.
So they set me up with a follow up on Friday, and I'm to start my BCP early, to stop at least my period, which should stop some of the bleeding.

So, I've calmed down somewhat. Although my fingers are itching to google what could happen if I injure that particular body part. But than, maybe I'd rather not know right now.

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