02 June 2006

The BIL drama
They're officially getting divorced now.
This girl that bil's married to is one that he met while in training down in Florida, whilst he was still "dating" Jen from back home. They've known each other almost a year. He's cheated on her a few times, which AFIK she doesn't know about.
His family and friends told him it was a mistake before he even officially proposed to her. He ignored everything that was said about waiting, slowing it down, etc and went ahead anyway.
A month before the wedding he was all "This is a mistake, isn't it? Why am I doing this?"
But instead of you know, acting like an adult and calling things off, he went through with it. (It's been 5 weeks since their wedding)
Apparently, on the second night of their honeymoon, his New Wife bursts into tears and tells him something along the lines of, "This is all a mistake!" (you know, istead of acting like an adult and calling things off)
And it's been pretty rough ever since(fights upon fights, he spends most of his time drunk(which is a huge help in sorting things out, I bet))
I guess the clincher was when Bill came over here late one night(which I was just THRILLED with) and went home to discover her gone, with one of his friends, until 7AM the next morning.
So he called up her father and told him that he damn well better get his daughter back to Florida ASAP.
Which was, naturally, a comletely mature thing to do.
I want to smack them both. THIS is why people automatically assume that anyone getting married young is going to have problems, b/c of dumbasses who don't bother to think things through, or pay attention to any of the warning signs.
Not to mention that dh keeps running over there to hold bil's hand through the latest crisis. I understand that he's going through a rough time and needs support, but nightly? GMAFB!

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