22 June 2006

More about MeMe

More about MEme

Lacey sought retaliation and tagged me for a "5 Things" meme.
And since I'm too tired to come up with an actual post tonight, here you go....a filler. I'm sorry!
Five Things in My Refrigerator
1. a half empty baby bottle of milk
2. Rancid grape juice. Yes, it has been in there that long.
3. carrots that my dh grew his very own self
4. tortillas, b/c I think you can put anything in a tortilla if you call it a "wrap"
5. bell peppers, b/c they go on/in everything

Five Things in My Closet
1. My uniform. Ah, Denny's, you picked out such attractive attire for us.
2. A couple volumes of "Letters to Penthouse" (yes, I'm a dork, I know)
3. A couple of skirts I don't wear, b/c I realized that I didn't look hot in them, I looked skanky. And skanky? Is not what I'm going for.
4. A couple of skirts I still wear, not too long, but not skanky-short either.
5. Boxes of stuff I've sworn to give away.

Five Things in My Purse
1. A book, b/c I still take every small chance to read.
2. A coupon organizer, b/c if it didn't stay there I would forget it.
3. Mapquest directions to a few different places, the pet store, the zoo, a restaurant.
4. a memo-book
5. 3 different lipsticks

Five People I'm Tagging
eh, the first five people who respond back saying they did it.


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