22 June 2006



Everyone has at least one; some have a multitude. There are good secrets that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and there are secrets that fester and rot....until you either have to scream them to the world or die.
Most of my secret-holding-in of things tends to be negative.
I've always done that though, swallowed what was irritating me and laughing it off as no big deal.
And then it would start to stew, and the resentment would grow, until one day it comes spewing out in putrid stream of mean, nasty insults and general bad behaviour. Not exactly healthy. I can think of at least one or two friendships I ruined that way.
I still regret that.

Anyway, you all know PostSecret, correct? Well, I recently stumbled across another secret site CaveCanum, which is what got me thinking about secrets and my own bad tendencies. CaveCanum is borderline NSFW just so you know.

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