13 June 2006


Surprised by Skankiness?

I have a co-worker who is one of those all-natural, organic baby food type moms. Which is all well and good.
But I was totally caught off-guard when she mentioned that there were not one or two men who could be her babydaddy...but five.
I'm all for sexual freedom and what you do in the bedroom is your business, not mine...but five? To have had careless sex with five men in a short enough time period that any one of them could be your babydaddy....ew. (and by careless I mean a lack of a barrier method and/or birth control)
I don't think 5 guys alone makes you skank. 5 guys within a month(which is the time period we were talking about last night) is pushing it. But 5 guys, within a month, with no protection? Now you're acting like a stupid skank.
To be fair, she claims that having her son has slowed her down.
My cynical side says that's because no man her age (not-yet-19) willingly saddles himself with a kid that's not his.
But maybe it really is a genuine change on her part.
But, still, ew!

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