26 June 2006

tipping tantrum

Tipping Tantrum

I've said it before and I will say it again, if you can not afford to eat out and tip, then you can not afford to eat out.
Young couples with young children make me and my fellow servers cringe when they walk in. The more children they have, the smaller your tip is going to be.
There are two particular kinds of families that are the worst.
One of these is the Hispanic family. From what I understand though, that is at least partly cultral. So while it is annoying, I usually just chalk it up to different customs and move on.
The other kind of family that can't seem to grasp the art of tipping?
The military family.
Specifically, the young military couple with 3+ kids.
Look, I get that your spouse hasn't been in long, so he's not making oodles of money. I know what it's like to live off of one small income. Really. Been there.
But no one forced you to pop out 5 kids on that salary.
And no one forced you to go out to eat, instead of making dinner at home for less than half the cost.
Yes, I realize that you planned you use all four "Kids Eat Free" coupons. But if you had read them before you came in, you would have seen that it's only with an adult entree. You only got one entree, an appitizer and four or five kids meals.
Not my problem, and nothing I can do about it. I'm a Denny's waitress, just how much power do you think I have??
So because you can't be bothered to do family planning, meal planning, or even read the freaking coupon....you stiff me on a tip.
Argh. I wish that this was a one or two time thing. But lately it's gotten so bad that if you see them pull out a military ID to pay, you pretty much kiss your tip goodbye.

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