13 July 2006


Thursday FOAD
Todays "Feck Off And Die" goes out to a couple different people.

First, the Martion Anthropologist,(see below) for comparing the US military to the German Nazis. Yes, every war has some horrors in it, but (unfortunate) Iraqi civilian deaths are nowhere near as numerous as the deaths caused by the Nazis. Nor are we herding them into Auschwitz and marching them toward the "showers"
I'm invoking Godwin's Law on that debate and moving on. FOAD

Second, to the twit who called me back for interview for a position she only had open during the day, even though I clearly indicated that I was available in the evenings. FOAD (although thank you for telling me that if you fire your evening waitress within the next week or so, you'll call me back. I think)

Third, to the asshats at MasterCard who decided that *now* was a good time to slap us with a $60 annual fee, which pushed us over our limit, which meant getting slapped with a $30 "over the limit" fee. FOAD

~ETA~ I wrote this last night and I guess saved it as a draft by accident, I'm changing the date to the thirteenth though.

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