10 July 2006


Peer Pressure?

I tried talking to him more than once since he threw *that* out at me. All I get are shrugs and "I dunno"s. I'm so frustrated.
You can't say something like that, and not mean it. You can't say something like that, and not follow it up with a goddamned reason.
It did come out that the "I stay late at work to avoid you!" was B.S.
I was totally caught off by that one, because the boy is home by 2:30-3pm everyday! How could he be staying late??
Apparently, he's normally allowed to go by 2:00-2:30....but if he's in the middle of something, he'll stay another half hour.
He's acting like he just wants us both to forget he said anything. Nope, nuh-uh. Because, either you said it because you are *actually* unhappy, in which case we need to sit down and figure out how to fix it.
OR you said it because you were mad and wanted to hurt me. In which case you succeeded beyond your wildest dreams and now owe me one big fat apology.

I honestly suspect it's the latter. Which almost hurts worse than the thought of his actually divorcing me. How could you set out to be so cruel?

I don't think he's cheating on me. Honestly? He doesn't have the time. I've never been the "short leash" woman, just not my thing, but it's always been that he tells me where he's going, and I tell him where I'm at. I've never not been able to get ahold of him either, you know? Even when he was "late at work" I could still call work and he's actually there.("Can you pick up disordat at the store?" You know.)
I don't know, that would just be very unlike him.

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with R.B. announcing that he and his wife were divorcing. Know how some people look around at all their friends getting married and starting families and go, "Oh gee wow, I want that!" and then get married and have babies even though they weren't actually ready for them?
I wonder if it works in reverse, too....

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