20 July 2006


Long Days
I'm babysitting for the next couple weeks for a friend. And on Monday, one of the restraunts I applied at called me back, and wanted me to start that night!
That place is 20X busier than Denny's. Which will be good tip-wise.
But I am so worn out from all the running around, and the being awake by 5:30am, so I can be here on time, and the two energetic little girls(mine and theirs)....
Plus the owner seems like one of those people who are very particular about how things are done. L:ike she's going to whip out a tape measure and make sure the place settings are exactly 1/2" from the edge of the table.
But I went to an interview at Blockbuster Monday afternoon, and managed to get through to the second interview with the regional manager on Saturday. So we'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll be working there instead.
Money probably wouldn't be as good, though.

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