20 July 2006


Even Whores Get Paid!
The good news is, I have a second interview at the video rental tomorrow.
The not-so-good news is, I don't have the serving job anymore.
I walked in there tonight, after asking dh to cancel his plans, and the owner says to me, "Let's just have a seat."
She then proceeds to tell me that she can't afford to pay me while training, as I won't actually be working.
She then tells me that I will be seating people, taking drink orders, running bread and salads, and whatever else the waitress needs me to do.
But since I won't *actually* be working, she won't be paying me.
Um, no.
I don't work for free.
I mean, really now, it wouldn't take that long to train me. A couple more days, maybe. B/c serving? Was basically the same there as it is every.fucking.where.
The main things would be learning)where everything was and 2) the menu.
That's it.
And you can't afford to pay me for the whole two shifts it would take to do that?
Bitch, please, even whores get paid!

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