03 August 2006

Adventures in Fundie Land (Vol.I)

The other week, I found myself in a situation which made me nervous enough to want the morning after pill(which is not an abortificant, and even if it was, still my decision, thankeweberrymush)

So I call the health advisor's line at the military hospital. I'm told to come down in person, but when I get there, I'm told I need an appointment.
And the earliest they can do is the next morning.

Um, no, not good enough. There's a window of time this stuff works in, and I really don't feel like pushing it. The sooner the better and all that.
But, I am told, I don't understand. I need counseling before they'll give it to me. "This isn't something we dole out like candy."

Yes, I do understand that it's not candy, and it's not a birth control in and of itself. It's a backup method. If I wanted to be pregnant, I wouldn't be on birth control. I wouldn't be using condoms. I don't want to be pregnant.

I was asked why I didn't come in yesterday, if it was that big a deal(yes, exact words) Um, b/c it happened late last night?

I did manage to get an appointment for that afternoon. But, the nurse turns to me as she's walking out, and says "it's still up to the dr's discretion whether or not you get the prescription."

Ok, I can understand the need to talk to a dr. beforehand, that's fine. What really angered me was this attitude of disapproval.
That didn't stop me now, but a few years ago? When I was younger and still struggling to get out from under the fundie influence? Probably would have intimidated me. A lot.

So I filed a complaint.

I got a follow-up call to my complaint.

First the woman who called tried to tell me that they couldn't be responsible for anything that was told to me by the health advisor line. She told me that they were not affliated with the hospital.

I think she may have assumed I was talking about the one tricare has. She backed it up and apoligized when I pointed out that it was the one that you can connect to it from the hospital phone menu, and that was why I assumed they would have the correct information.

I was not satisfied with what she had to say about the nurses attitude though. She tells me, "I was there and I overheard most of that conversation." (that's because the nurse insisted on having it in the middle of a crowded waiting room, thank you very much)

She apparently didn't feel that the nurse had a negative demeanor. I pointed out that I, you know, the patient? felt that she did. She was condescending, and disapproving. I said that while I didn't let this nurse's judgemental attitude stop me, I was concerned that at some point a woman is going to come in who IS intimidated by this nurse. And she won't recieve the help she came in for.

At which point the woman on the phone told me that she prescribes this pill "all the time" to "rape, incest and other abuse survivors"
Um, ok? Doesn't really apply here does it?

At that point the conversation started going in circles.
I'm glad she's going to see about correcting the nurse's line info, but I was really disappointed in the reaction to the nurse's attitude.

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