27 August 2006

All Night Long

All Night Long
Last night, we did it all night long. And it was good.

That is, we left our daughter with a babysitter all night long. You pervs;)

We went down to the only drive-in within a reasonable distance. The South Bay Drive-in.

It was nerve-racking driving down there, as it's only a mile north of the Mexican border. We really couldn't afford to miss the exit!
DH isn't allowed into Mexico (especially TJ) without special written permission. Too many Marines have gotten into a boatload of trouble. Last DH heard, there was still a guy from his old unit sitting in a Mexican jail. They're having trouble getting him out of there.
So we would have had to return to the U.S. side, which would have meant sitting in line for, oh, 3hrs. No, thank you.

But we got there just fine. Traffic was better than expected, too. So we got there about 1/2 hour before they opened and an hour before the show started. So we said, eh, let's go get some snacks (coolers are allowed). So we pull out, go to the Albertson's, only to find that it's a crappier-than-usual Albertson's, pick up a couple of energy drinks and drive back.
In the 10 minutes we've been gone, the line has exploded. We pulled into it, there was enough space behind us for one more car to pull in, without the backside hanging off into a busy street. And there was still an hour and 20 minutes to go before the movie began!
We both got in for $12 altogether, kids under nine are free.
We checked out the snackbar, since Albertson's stunk, and the prices were less than a traditional theater's.
And it was a double feature. We only stayed for the first one, Beerfest. Brought to you by the makers of SuperTroopers. It was ok. Stupid funny.

But we had fun, it was a good night.

And dd did so good at the babysitter's. Followed her kids around all night, went right to sleep, didn't have any issues in the morning.
I don't think she even missed us. The babysitter dropped her off, and when I went to the car to get her, she looked out the window, smiled, and went back to whatever she was playing with.
Can you feel the love?
Eh, this is the lady that's going to do daycare for us if I get a daytime job, so I'm glad dd was so relaxed about being there. It's a good thing:)

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