21 August 2006

Disc Space and Crossed Fingers
My primary care manager from the hospital got back to me today with the results of my xrays.
She had to wait, because she can't read the XRays herself. Nor can she see OB patients. I'm thinking of changing my PCM to an actual doctor. I have no problem seeing a nurse practioner for most of my problems, but when it comes to who's actually making decisions in my treatment and such, I think I'd be more comfortable with a doctor. For some reason.
Anyway, apparently the back pain is NOT caused by the oversized tatas, like every doctor for the last 5 years has claimed. No, they are all wrong, it is disk space. I don't know exactly what this means though. I can't seem to find anything that lists "disk space" as a cause for back pain. They talk about things like infection of the disk space, and narrowing of the disk space. But she didn't say that. She just said, "Disk space"
And referred me for a little physical therapy.
Whatever, I'll try it. If it helps with the pain, if not, I'll just go back. To someone else. But my first appointment is this week.

Speaking of appointments, I have one for a job interview tonight at a Chinese restaurant. Now, I really don't look like I belong in a Chinese restaurant. I've got that whole super-tall, super-pale thing going on(yes, even with all the Cali sun I'm getting, I'm still very pale. Although not quite as pale as I was in WI. But close)
But I'm hoping that this place is really an equal opportunity place. Oh, they all say they are, but we all know that ambiance is really important in a restaurant, and well, in a oreintal establisment.....
I also have an interview set up with a temp agency. They have 400 jobs listed on Monster.com in my area, so I'm hoping that they can maybe help me, where I couldn't help myself.
So cross your fingers for me this week!

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