17 August 2006


Fuck Off and Die Thursday

I almost forgot it was FOADThursday today.

My first FOAD shall go to all companies who have an automated phone screening for all aplicants. Especially Rite-Aid. $8/hr is not worth the hell that stupid system put me through. Misunderstanding answers, repeating questions, bitch, my salary needs just went up $2/hr.

My second FOAD shall go to any military wife that lives up to the sterotype and cheats on her husband/boyfriend with another military member. Especially if said second member is also married.
You are scum, and your scumminess taints the rest of us.

And lastly, a FOAD to anyone who thinks I'm going to work during the day, for min. wage. I can't afford to do that. That's why I either put down $10/hr or only available nights and weekends. Depending on the application.
There was a reason.

- your only -

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