19 August 2006

Free Agent

Free Agent
Well, sort of. We paid for a spot on a deep sea fishing trip for dh as a birthday present, before the shite hit the fan. So that's where he is.
And I am here.
With my homemade burgers and all the fixings.
And the XBox all to myself.
And plans to order in some spicy buffalo wings, all messy and drippy with sauce. The ones that are so messy, it's embarrassing to eat them in public.
Ahh...it's a good night.

Actually, I'm having a better time than dh. He fished for about 10min and spent the rest of the day being seasick. He's been an ass lately, so I only felt sympathetic for a teenytinylittlebit.
He's been a major ass. Like an I-almost-walked-out-of-here-carrying-our-daughter-with-no-
intention-of-coming-back-until-he-fixed-his-head-up-ass-problem type of ass.

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