29 August 2006

Full Circle

Coming Full Circle
How I Spent My Anniversary

Ah, memories. At about this time two years ago, we were getting packed to move to our own little place in California.

One of the things we did to prepare for this, was buy an air mattress, as we couldn't afford furniture right off the bat. We spent the first month and a half on the air mattress, before buying the cheapest mattress ever. $100 for the set. Even the salesman, when we asked about the advertised sale, was all, "Well, yeah, we have them. But I really wouldn't recommend 'em."
Oh, how right he was.

So two years later, we have a muchmuchmuch better mattress. Not top of the line, but still good, cost us about $800 with the discount. Pillow-top. Very comfortable.
And infested with these little guys.

Bedbugs. I have bedbugs. In my bed.
I am so grossed out. I mean, where did they come from? How did they get there?
Our bedroom has got to be the cleanest room we own, just because we really don't spend too much time in there. We'll maybe watch a half-hour of tv or something before bed, but there's no food, the dirty clothes hamper is in the bathroom. The trash is in the kitchen. So they didn't show up from nastiness.

The furniture we bought new, the mattress is new, the only thing not new was the swamp cooler. And why would there be bedbugs in a swamp cooler? Just in case though, it's sitting outside. We'll probably trash it.

We stripped all the bedding and bagged up anything cloth in the room; I'm washing it in color-safe bleach and hot water right now. We vaccuumed the mattress and the room. We're hoping there weren't too many, and that this will take care of it.

So Last night, on our anniversary, we spent the night on an air mattress. Just the way we started.

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