11 August 2006

I'm Going to Use the Insurance Money for Groceries

More Drama
I'm Going to Use the Insurance Money for Groceries

I'm beginning to feel like a frigging drama queen. That's all there is around here lately. It's crazy, I tell you, crazy. And I'm reaching the end of that proverbial rope. I'm going to snap and kill some*coughDHcough*one pretty soon here.

Tonight he was all about, "We need to save money. I hate being paycheck-to-paycheck." Yes, honey, we all hate it. It sucks. A lot.

So what was his brilliant plan to save money, you ask? Downgrade the cable (even further)? Put his cell on "vacation" (down to $5 a month. Can't use the phone, and extends your contract)? Um, well, we've already cut or downgraded everything else. Right down to my eyewear. Yeah, that's right, I am coming to you all squinty-eyed and such.
Well, ok, not really, I just haven't gotten an updated prescription.
You see? This drama whorishness is flippen' contagious or something!

What was his plan? I should figure out how to feed all three of us for under $40 a week. That's right. Even though we have run out of everything from toilet paper, to meat, to diapers, to fish food...under $40.

Exact words? "Don't be walking out of there with a $50 grocery bill."



Ok, um, let's see. $50. We agreed to set aside *at least* that much for when he goes on his(already paid for and booked so there's no way to get the money back now) fishing trip at the end of the week. For gas, food, and such.

But I'm supposed to spend less than that on GROCERIES???
Yeah, um, no.

I'm going to buy what we NEED. There are no luxeries on that list, no frozen pizzas, no junk food, no soda...I'm not buying new shoes or getting my nails done. I'm not going to drop a couple hundred on clothing or anything. Although I assure you I could, quite easily.
But I am going to buy what we need, and I'm not going to listen to any whining and moaning about it, either.

~stomps off to sulk, whilst muttering~ "I'm going to kill the man, and then use the insuance money to buy all sorts of damn groceries."

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