10 August 2006

Smackage, Pimpage and FOAD

Smackage, Pimpage and FOAD

First, the smackage....

I Got Smacked
So I said something like, "TY for the smackage. And for the comments.
It'’ll probably be awhile before anything changes, like someone mentioned, thereÂ's some hairy shiznit going down herewink and time is limited.
But I'm making note of the things you guys said, for when it does change.
Thanks for the review, thanks for reading, see ya’ll later!"
And I mean it. Eventually things will change up around here, they always do, and when that time comes I'll keep what everyone said in mind. Oh, I know I won't ever please everyone, but there were some valid complaints.

...then the pimpage...

Just wanted to list off some kick ass sites I've come across recently, as well as some I've frequented for awhile.

Did I say that? Message board frequented by some very cool bloggers.

Jane Loves Tarzan Go read her FOADT entry. Dedicated to all dickheads everywhere.

MAPS A military and spouses board that is nowhere near as nauseatingly drama filled as most. You know all the stupid spouses that give the rest of us a bad name? They're (mostly) not at this site.

...and finally, the FOAD..

A big hearty Fuck Off And Die Thursday to the California Unemployment Office, the North County Times classified website, and the bitch who almost t-boned me on my way home today. And then flipped me off. Even though my light was so green, and her's was far from it. Yeah, an extra FOAD to you.

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