08 September 2006


Dear "Angie",
Dear Angie Fergamom,
I don't know you. I don't recognize your name. Perhaps it's just a moniker you choose for your good deed. I'm cool with that.
But I want to tell you how grateful I am to you. The other day, when my husband brought the mail up, there was an envelope addressed to me. With nothing in it, except a gift card to our local grocery store. So we said our thanks to the mysterious stranger, and bought some things we really needed.
Then yesterday, when I was stressing because my unemployment check was not in the stack of mail, again, I noticed another envelope. With the same name on it, no return address, and a San Diego postmark. Again, nothing in it but a gift card.
Again, we were able to get some things that we really needed, without risking bounced checks.
Again, we said our thanks to the unknown stranger, but in the hopes that you read my blog, or craigslist.org, and would recognize yourself in this, I wanted to post something publicly thanking you.
Thank you,

- your only -

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