06 September 2006

Labor Not Day Weekend
So, shortly before Labor Day weekend, dh's childhood friend, Gunman, calls up and invites us up for a visit. The cost was minimal, and he actually offered to pay for part as a bday present to dh. Which was very nice and very sweet of him.
So fine, I agreed to go on a 6hr(one way) car trip with the shortest one and dh....to meet a man I had never met, but heard many crazy stories about.
The guy is a sweetheart. Just the kindest, nicest, craziest guy I've ever met. No reason to be worried about meeting him. At all.
I had a blast, I learned a lot about dh's time with his dad(fil has been promoted from a PITA Loser to a Grade A Jackass, just fyi)
Dd was in heaven because there was a puppy AND a little girl there(Gunman's niece)
Gunman and dh took me out, because they said I needed to learn to shoot for self-defense. Now, Gunman is, well, a gun man. He has his own arsenal. So I shot a variety of guns, and the verdict is that the guns that dh already owns, are way too big for me. Gunman suggests that we get a shotgun, and teach me to hip shoot it.
But he also says dh needs to buy me a little .22 pistol, just to target practice with.
So at the end of the weekend, he lent us two different guns to take home and try out.

He was a real sweetheart. I think I have one of those "innapropriate friend" crushes on the poor guy. lol

No worries though, 1)the guy is 6hrs away, and 2)I couldn't just toss things away like that.
Plus, he shared that he's been in a situation like that(girl had a boyfriend, he was the sidedish) and he doesn't think that he could ever do that again.

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