02 October 2006



Six hundred dollars. That is the amount that it will cost to exterminate those damn bedbugs.
*And* there's a good chance that they will, or have, spread to the other units in our building. Happy happy joy joy.

There's 4units in our building. That's $2400.
That's a lot of $$$

The inspector talked to my manager about it, explained things to her, answered questions, all that good stuff....

My manager, who is a very upfront, honest person who has, in the past, taken really good care of us and our heretofore minor concerns, says she will speak to the owner.

So cross your fingers for us, that the owner opts to cover it all, and that we don't have to come up with $600 from someplace. Most likely twixt the cheeks, as I have no idea where else it would come from.

Worst case scenario, we pay the $600(borrow beg or steal) and then turn around and try to twist the arm(s) of the place that sold us an infested mattress.

- your only -

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