26 October 2006

I Hate Mornings

I hate them with a fiery passion. I always have. Yet I find myself sitting here at 5AfuckingM, not because I'm still mostly drunk and everyone else has fallen asleep, not because I thought I'd pop in before heading off to bed, but because I now have to be at work by 6am. In the morning. Daily.

For crap job that pays crap wages.

I do have plans to speak tonight with the owner of a restraunt in town. See if I can get a job there during the days. Yes, I'd still be up at the ass-end of dawn(mornings come in ass-first in my world, thank you), but I'd be making more in tips than I am working straight up, and it'd be less of a drive.

They have the help wanted sign up, so I'm hopeful.

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