15 October 2006


wow and WoW

My apoligies for the recent silence. On the few occasions I've gotten on-line lately, I just haven't been in the mood to write.
When dh came home, we "discussed" my counseling appointment in greater depth. He acted like he was [i]offended[/i] almost, at the idea. As though it were a personal attack.
But by the night of my appointment, he seemed to have come to terms with it. And when I told him that my counselor felt we should meet weekly, at least these first few times, he said that I should go as often as I needed.
He also apoligized for his initial reaction, and said that even though he has no intention of going, ever, if I feel it's what will work for me, then he'd support that.

Erm, ok?
Not what I expected. Good, just...not expected.

Anyway, the reason I haven't been on lately is that we got a new game.

We are now a WoW household. Occasionally, I can kick the man off, and then you'll find me playing as Keishanda, the rouge troll.

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